Amber Stancato


Amber is one of the two founders of Midwest Vapor. She works extensively booking events, fairs and festivals for the company to attend and set up exhibit's at. She also personally manages all of the retail locations that Midwest Vapor has spread throughout the midwest. Amber is an integral part of Midwest Vapor!



What do you do at Midwest Vapor?

I am the head of sales and retail division, I have an active role in management and operations, and I head the Midwest Vapor Partner Programs Department.                                 

When you're not doing that?

As a business owner - you eat, sleep and breathe your business. Work never ends and it seems you even dream about it! When I am not doing my "routine" job, I spend time analyzing processes. 



What has been your favorite part about working for Midwest Vapor?

My most favorite part of doing what I do is being there for people and offering a product that transforms their lives. Nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing someone thank me and the product we offer stating that they have not picked up a "real" cigarette since they made the switch to A&N eCigs. 


What are your hobbies/interests?

I am actively involved in Landmark Education.

I am always looking for new adventures by traveling the world and encountering new cultures and ways of being. I spend my 1st hour of every morning running with my three favorite boys: Rocky, Duncan and Diesel (my doggies).

I love nature and always take time to stop and look at all the beauty of the earth and sky.

I love spending time with my family and my girlfriends!  


What is your greatest achievement?

Opening my own business I would have to say so far has been my greatest personal achievement. Although I plan to do more extraordinary things in life in the near future. Like have a baby!!

Eventually I would love to do missionary work, or put together my own mission and help people in need. 






Share a few of your favorite things

My most favorite things in the world are animals! They fascinate me! Such beautiful majestic creatures all so unique in their own ways. I can't even kill a spider in my house. I find a way to catch it and put it outside. Centipedes... well those I still have a hard time with! YUCK!!! Favorite "things" clothes. I love shopping when I have time. I like good food and really want to learn how to cook. I like gardening even though I have no idea how good I will be at it! I like books, I like my bike, I like camping, fishing, hiking and absolutely LOVE the zipper (carnival ride) and roller-coasters!


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